Saturday, October 31, 2009

Club bust and AES update

Yonhap reports that there was a drug bust on Thursday which uncovered 53 drugs users who had attended drug parties in clubs and at a Gapyeong resort.

Twelve people were arrested were arrested for smuggling ecstasy from China and other drug offences included Gangnam club owner Mr. Kim and Itaewon club DJ Mr. An, while 41 were booked without detention. The drugs involved included ecstasy, meth, and pot. The drug taking took place in clubs in Gangnam, Itaewon, Hondae, and Gapyeong resort. Most parties involved 2-300 people, but one in Gapyeong had 4-500 people attending. Most of the people involved were affluent types from Gangnam, employees of places of entertainment (like clubs) and foreign students. Police found out about a party in Itaewon in August and after three months of undercover work made the arrests. They expect the investigation to expand.

While this has nothing to with English teachers, at Anti-English Spectrum, the cafe's manager (엠투) offers several comments on the story, the first being:
Wooshi (Damn)... I hope that they don't overlap with the people that we are trying to track down... ㅠㅠ
The second comment reads:
Right now our group is really in a mess... trying to track down drug-using teachers. It makes me sigh that this good news will just make the suspects [that we are searching for] hide further underground...
But it is still good news.
In another post the AES leader reports he is very tired and very busy tracking foreigners. Yesterday he went to Yangju, Gyeonggi-do, to stakeout a foreign teacher and then to Yangcheon-gu, where another member followed the teacher they suspect of smoking and selling in a taxi to Mok-dong and to a club with lots of foreigners.

Yes indeed, these people really have no lives.

[Hat tip to Benjamin Wagner]


Anonymous said...

I wonder, what would happen if someone just reported these AES types to the police. I know this isn't really a deeply thought out comment, but I wonder if anyone has ever tried, and if so, what would the police reaction be.

Roboseyo said...

from what I can tell, the page is always careful not to give clues about who they're tracking...which would probably be necessary so that one of them could make a criminal complaint.