Saturday, October 24, 2009

Minu Deported

I mentioned the arrest of migrant activist Minu yesterday. According to this report at, Minu was deported Friday night.

A KT article from a week ago quoted immigration:
"We are well aware that Minu is a sort of symbolic figure for illegal sojourners and he is drawing a lot of support from many human rights groups. But we cannot make an exception no matter how many petitions they make," a senior immigration officer said, declining to be named.
I guess he already got enough exceptional treatment from immigration when they sent a squad to stake him out and arrest him. 'We cannot make exceptions,' only examples.


K said...

Ours when you want it, ours too when you want it. Welcome to Korea.

Anonymous said...

Was this all done with no trial? Is he gone already or he the government announce they will start deportation procedures?

José María said...

Pity it dit not get more space in K-blogs. I guess, there are more important things to talk about.