Friday, October 02, 2009

You're doin' it @%*$ing wrong!

Scott Burgeson's new book "더 발칙한 한국학" ("More Nasty Korean Studies," which refers to the title of the Korean version of Bug 5) comes out next week. As you might judge by the title, it's in Korean, though parts of it - the introduction, an excerpt of an essay about the 2008 Mad Cow Protest, and an excerpt of Kelly McCluskey's tale of how he started the first salsa club in Korea - have been posted on his website, and some of the stories are already available in English in the book "Outlanders: Tales of Korea". He plans to make the interviews - including one with yours truly - available in English at some point in zine form.

By the way, yes - some of their Korean pronunciation is intentionally unnatural. And I wouldn't do that with Saeuggang myself, but I did just wonder if it's common in Korea to eat Jolly Pong as cereal with milk, or if it's usually just eaten dry.


kushibo said...

I used to eat 죠리뽕 with milk. It's a barley cereal, like Super Sugar Smacks but with a bit less sugar.

And then I realized how many calories it was packing, plus the fact that they added milk. Adding milk to non-dairy products is evil.


죠리뽕 is near identical to a breakfast cereal in canada called Sugar Crisp... I don't care how many calories it packs, if eating it is wrong i don't want to be right.

King Baeksu said...

Hey Matt, thanks for the post! Get back to Korea soon!

BTW, is this stuff still on shelves?:

I used to buy "짱구" at my local hole-in-the-wall shop in Seoul back in '96 sometimes, when I had the munchies, as they say. I gave up eating crap like that myself a long time ago, but they could easily be served as a nice crack-like breakfast cereal!

Helen said...

Matt,you should've been in that video too! it would be more interesting then.

죠리퐁 is a nostalgic snack for me. My mom used to give us it with milk as a snack when I was young. I don't like it now though. It was common in Korea. Many people in my generation like eating 죠리퐁 that way. Maybe the kids of nowadays don't enjoy 죠리퐁 with milk that much.

King Baeksu said...

Helen, if I know Matt, he's probably just glad he wasn't forced to act the fool in it!

Helen said...

haha Scott,that's why I'm saying it would be more interesting if he was in it.I'm really curious about what he does impolitely in Korea. he should be forced to act in it..
I like the video. funny!
I'm really looking forward to your book!Cheers!!!