My articles in the Korea Times

Below is a list of articles I have written for the Korea Times since January 2018, organized loosely in chronological order by topic rather than publication date.

How Syngman Rhee's success led to Korea's division

Trials of Korean atomic bomb survivors

Forced haircuts in 1960 opened rift in Korea-U.S. alliance

'Fighting' over Konglish in the 1960s

Christmas in the early 1960s: A time of charity, Christmas cards, drunken merrymaking

Solemnity vs revelry on Christmas Eve in the 1960s

Containing the cholera epidemic in 1960s Korea

Arbor Day and the reforestation of Korea

Yeontan briquettes opened windows while warming homes

Critic without pity who wrote 'Scouting the City'

'Bottomless corruption' of Korea's 1965 methadone scandal

Fighting segregation in Seoul's schools in 1969

Korea's battle over the 'domineering use of Chinese characters' in 1970

Trying to translate 'jucheseong' in 1970

Saving children from 'unhealthy' comics in the 1960s and 1970s

Hysterical Korean teens greet Cliff Richard in 1969

Korean youths experiment with art, bodypainting in 1960s

Korea Times goes go-go dancing in 1971

When Korea pioneered synth-pop

How US-style drug laws helped crush 1970s Korean youth culture

Vietnam War refugees arrive in Korea in 1975

Former refugee recalls kindness in 1970s Korea

Weekly scribbles reflect life in Seoul in 1970s

When 'guests criticize their hosts'

What foreign journalists saw covering 1988 Olympics

NBC offended Koreans during 1988 Seoul Olympics too