My Journal and Korea Times Articles

Journal of Korean Law article (with Benjamin Wagner):

HIV/AIDS Tests as a Proxy for Racial Discrimination? A Preliminary Investigation of South Korea’s Policy of Mandatory In-Country HIV/AIDS Tests for its Foreign English Teachers

Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch articles:

"To devise an escape from destiny": The role of fortune-telling in Korea's developmental past and neoliberal present (Download here; Volume 92)

Grit and Enterprise: Western Correspondents in Korea during the Russo-Japanese War (Download here; Volume 93)

'Tell the World what is Happening': The Americans who Witnessed the Kwangju Uprising (Volume 94)


Korea Herald

Three articles for the Korea Herald from 2009 are collected here.

Below is a list of articles I have written for the Korea Times since January 2018, organized loosely in chronological order by topic rather than publication date.