My Journal and Korea Times Articles

Journal of Korean Law article (with Benjamin Wagner):

HIV/AIDS Tests as a Proxy for Racial Discrimination? A Preliminary Investigation of South Korea’s Policy of Mandatory In-Country HIV/AIDS Tests for its Foreign English Teachers

Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch articles:

"To devise an escape from destiny": The role of fortune-telling in Korea's developmental past and neoliberal present

Grit and Enterprise: Western Correspondents in Korea during the Russo-Japanese War

'Tell the World what is Happening': The Americans who Witnessed the Kwangju Uprising

Below is a list of articles I have written for the Korea Times since January 2018, organized loosely in chronological order by topic rather than publication date.

'Fighting' over Konglish in the 1960s

Christmas in the early 1960s: A time of charity, Christmas cards, drunken merrymaking

Solemnity vs revelry on Christmas Eve in the 1960s

Containing the cholera epidemic in 1960s Korea

Arbor Day and the reforestation of Korea

Yeontan briquettes opened windows while warming homes

Critic without pity who wrote 'Scouting the City'

'Bottomless corruption' of Korea's 1965 methadone scandal

Reacting to Vietnamese 'anti-Koreanism' in 1967