Wednesday, June 15, 2016

On Cheonggyecheon

Apologies to readers for the absence - but with classes done for the summer (other than a month of language study in Seoul) I'll try to post here more often.

A couple weeks ago the Guardian published a story about Cheonggyecheon 10+ years later by Colin Marshal which he interviewed me for - thanks to Colin for including me. Also worth reading by Colin is his article about 'English Cancer' (rather than English fever) in Korea.

On the topic of redevelopment the Joongang Daily published an article awhile back about Seoul's plans to "protect old districts" - but the map in the article makes clear just how much is still slated to be redeveloped...

(I've written about Cheonggyecheon here before, including about Time Magazine's glowing 2006 feature on then Seoul Mayor Lee Myung-bak, following mayor Oh Se-hoon's redevelopment plans (2MB 2.0), then initially controversial 'Spring' sculpture at Cheongyecheon's source, the dislocation of former Cheonggyecheon merchants, and the appearance of Cheonggyecheon in old films.)