I received an email from a former native English teacher who is now a Master's student at the University of Glasgow, and who is conducting research for her MSc Information Management & Preservation dissertation:
My dissertation will examine the role of blogs in helping to form and shape a sense of community identity amongst expats living in South Korea. This is being done in order to determine the archival value of these blogs and examine if, and how, they should be preserved.

Basically, I believe that today’s archives are rife with personal diaries and papers which allow us a glimpse into the past. But, what of the archives of the future? How many people today actually keep a pen and paper journal or write letters home? More and more native English teachers living in Korea have replaced diaries and letters home with blogs. Furthermore, due to the nature of the native English teacher community in Korea, much of the information about this community can only be found on the Internet on sites such as blogs (like yours). Therefore, a failure to preserve blogs may create a black hole of information for future generations of archives users.
A questionnaire (which doesn't take long to fill out) and more information can be found at
http://2009msc.wordpress.com. It sounds like an interesting project, so take some time to help her out by filling out the questionnaire.