Friday, July 10, 2015

Free screening "Yeongja's Heydays" (1975) tomorrow

Tomorrow, Saturday, July 11, at 3pm, the Royal Asiatic Society Cinema Club and Seoul Film Society will have a free screening of the 1975 Kim Ho-seon film "Yeongja's Heydays" with English subtitles at Seoul Global Center's Haechi Hall, on the 5th Floor of M Plaza in Myeong-dong.
Yeong-Ja's Heydays is the most important of the "hostess melodramas" that were popular during the 1970s. It is also the debut film of director Kim Ho-seon, who, together with Ha Kil-jong and Lee Jang-ho, infused new life into the declining Korean cinema of the mid-1970s. At the time of its release, Yeong-Ja's Heydays drew the spotlight as a "youth film" rather than as a "hostess film" (the term did not come into use until 1977). It was recognized as the emergence of a new sensibility for a new generation, in that it observed and recorded the lives of the young with a fresh, innovative visual sense. The Weekly Chosun's assessment of the movie as "the story of scary kids, growing freely like weeds" plainly describes this public perception.
Directions to Seoul Global Center's Haechi Hall can be found here and here, and more information about the film is here , and the screening, here.