Wednesday, March 03, 2010

More of Gindeung Maeul being destroyed

I've looked at Gindeung Maeul before, in these posts:

Exploring Gindeung Maeul
The Disappearance of Gindeung Maeul

Here's how it looked back in June, 2008:

Here's how it looked in November that year:

And here's how it looked in early February 2010:

Interesting that in the last six months a lot of grass and other plants have begun to colonize the now unearthed soil. What is difficult to see in the photo above is this:

The area in the background is being demolished. If you look below, the yellow area is part of the Banghwa New Town plan for the Gindeung Maeul area. It seems now though that the areas in red are all empty, and the part in red at bottom right is currently being destroyed.

I decided to go have a look at it. The building in the center above is visible below:

Here's the view from the top of that building:

Walking to the east along the renains of the street visible above:

No more using these cards to study English:

The view further east:

Here's what it looked like on August 15, 2007.

These are just a few of the photos I took. I'll save the indoor shots for later.


holterbarbour said...

God bless the holdouts. Those are the people that say "This is my *home*, I like living here" and are not moved by money.

Want to tear these places down? You know, I wouldn't mind these old neighborhoods being torn down and replaced with quality-made, personalized individual houses. I have no problem with clearing away these old places because they are woefully deficient in fire and structural safety (and often hygiene) standards. Just sell them as individual plots zoned for two-storey single-family units, and hell, I'd hire a good architect and buy a plot myself.

But sadly, they will undoubtedly instead be replaced with the same crappy poured concrete towers that have a 20-year expected useful life and are purchased primarily for real estate speculation rather than living.

There's imaginative architecture for LIVABLE housing blooming all over Japan and everywhere else in the world... why can't we just have nice things in Korea?

Matt said...

Largest inner-city redevelopment in Canada: "City councillor Sam Merulla says the owners of Centre Mall are about to undertake a $100 million redevelopment project that will see the aging east-end shopping centre transformed into a modern power centre. Merulla says he’s not at liberty to go into details, but that the developers are expected to announce their plans in a month or two, with shovels breaking ground as early as fall."

"A spokesman for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Investment Board, which bought Centre Mall from Cadillac Fairview in 2003, declined to comment. John Cappelletti referred questions to Nick Sabot, vicepresident of development at the Toronto head office of Redcliff Realty Group, which manages Centre Mall for CPP. Sabot declined to confirm or deny. “We know, hopefully, in the next few months where we’re going with various things, and we’ll talk to you guys when it’s appropriate. Right now it’s just not appropriate for us. “When we get involved in redevelopment ... there’s some sensitivities here and there and it affects people and we have to be sensitive to that.”"

"CPP Investment Board is a federal Crown corporation that invests funds received from the Canada Pension Plan to help pay for the pension of future retirees. It has about $27 billion invested in capital markets. Redcliff’s services include acquisition, property development and asset management. It specializes in pension fund clients and reports a portfolio of nearly $1 billion of office, retail, industrial and multiresidential properties. In April, it announced a major redevelopment of a 450,000-square foot shopping centre in Thunder Bay, including the expansion of a Zeller’s and the addition of a Home-Sense store."