Monday, April 02, 2007

Balsan Development Panoramas

I've mentioned this development a few times before, but over the weekend I managed to spend a few hours there and realize just how large a project it is. In the rendering above the project is divided into eight danji (complexes), each one generally built by a different company. danji # 7 has barely been begun, and the wide road seen running through the development only exists within the confines of the project and does not yet connect to any roads, though some of the roads, especially those at top and bottom right, connect to other neighbourhoods (with a city bus running along the edge of the complex, picking up construction workers). Not on the plan above is the artificial pond seen below, though whether it's supposed to be recreational or serve some other purpose I have no idea.

If we pan further to the right, we can see 2 and 3 danji, with 5 danji in the background. I took this two months ago; the buildings in the foreground have since been painted. The low, blue-roofed building at right is a restaurant for the construction workers.

Moving towards the buildings at right, we see them closer up.

Above you can make out some buildings in the distance at far right; moving in that direction, they (4 Danji) can be seen on the right, with the buildings above seen from behind on the left. The space in the foreground will become a school. You can see the sidewalks laid out but not yet filled in.

Standing across from the building at far right in the picture above produces this image:

A look at the complex behind the above building:

If we go to the far end of this complex, emerge on the main road, we can see the other end of the complex.

If we continue to the left and look down this road (to the right), we see the scene below, with the southern end of 4 danji on the left, and in the distance, at right, 6 danji. It was soon too dark to take any more photos, but the camera's compensation for the lack of light created the almost unreal colours seen below.

The next day I returned, and if we follow the road ahead of us seen above, we would end up at the opposite end. In the photo below I'm looking back in the direction the above photo was taken from. The buildings in the center of the picture are the same ones seen on the right above.

I turned left and headed past 2 danji, a building of which is seen on the left, and reached 1 danji. The photo below shows both complexes:

To the left of the above photo is 5 danji, the northernmost buildings of which are seen below. You have to admit, these are at least more interesting than the standard 'domino' apartment complexes built in the 1990s.

Here's the same danji viewed from the side. I went alongside them towards the left of the photo (the finished and inhabited low-rise apartments of 8 danji can be seen at left).

Above is a look into 6 danji, and below we see the dividing point between 5 danji on the right and 6 danji on the left.

I shot some video as well (I bought a digital video camera last weekend) but it'll be awhile before I get a chance to do anything with it...

[Update] - A video is here.


hardyandtiny said...

Is that the pond at the top of the illustration under the word "do"?

What is that building on the left that looks like a cargo airport hanger?

matt said...

Yeah, that is the pond - I hadn't noticed it before (though it's much larger than in the illustration). The building on the left is a wholesale agricultural products market, believe it or not. It was built a few years ago, and is obviously massive.

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