Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jaeil Jutaek Redevelopment

Within the map below three redevelopment or building projects can be seen (though I've only marked one), while if I was to extend the photo outward by an inch, two more redevelopments would appear (as would the building I live in). Below is marked an area encompassing a two storey apartment building, three houses, a church, and another strange building (which contained living quarters).

The blue roofed building is a church, which can be seen below, as can the two storey building (and the construction wall, as well).

If we were to walk over and stand between the two buildings, we would see this:

Or that's would we would have seen back in the spring of 2005 (and yes, I'm annoyed I never took another photo upon realizing it turned out so blurry - though it just dawned on me that a friend who used to live in the building on the right likely took photos at that time...). It looked a bit different back in January:

Proceeding to the far end of the building, I came upon these:

They didn't look to be of the flushing sort, though I could be wrong. I saw similar toilets at another nearby set of apartments dating from 1981 (before they were torn down a few weeks ago). I then walked around to the other side of the building:

I mistook the apartment on the right above as my friend's old apartment, but when I walked in I realized I was wrong.

The apartment above looked in fine shape compared to my friend's, however:

Looking out the window in the mirror above gave me this view of the three houses next to the building (and behind the church).

The view from the other side:

Across from the houses was the odd building I referred to above. It seems to be two stories, but I never got a chance to look closely.

One reason for this was that the next day the construction walls began to go up:

You can see below just how much stuff was left behind. It amazes me how many things in these old buildings just get plowed under .

For an overview of the site, a rooftop nearby gave me a good vantage point to see the walls go up...

... and the buildings come down. Actually, I heard loud sounds down the street early one afternoon and got there just in time to see them demolishing the two storey building.

I managed to shoot a few seconds of it with the video on my camera:

The machine seen last can be seen more clearly below as it collects scrap metal (they might want to watch out for these guys):

Update, April 30: Three weeks later, the excavating of the basement is finished. Here is a shot from two weeks ago:

Here are two photos from last weekend, from different vantage points:

And here's one taken today:

As you can see, the concrete basement has been poured, and judging by the fact that the workers were cutting rebar (at 7:00 am on a Sunday; the neighbours must love that), I imagine they'll start on the reinforced concrete before too long. If you look to the far left in the two photos above, you'll see an empty lot off to the side:

It did have a 'yang-ok', or foreign style home, much like the ones that were demolished, but I never took a photo of it. Part of a building that stood there appears at the left here. Perhaps this will become the vehicle entrance to the complex.

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Below is what this apartment's growth looks like in the context of its neighbourhood.

Aug. 17

Sept. 17

Oct. 23

Nov. 8

Here is the rendering of the apartment on the hoarding:

It does look quite a bit like the finished product now. Take a look again at the surroundings of this site near the top of the post and tell me if they look anything like what you see in the rendering above. You could, of course, have a great deal of fun analyzing the architectural fantasies found in Korean real estate advertisements...


Joe Mondello said...

Heartbreaking. I take it that's where my neighborhood's headed once the line 7 extension through Bucheon gets into full swing.

matt said...

Where's your neighbourhood in Bucheon? I used to live there, and have been keeping an eye on the subway construction / related developments there. Actually, I've been meaning to do a post on Bucheon for months using my old photos and photos from this site. I'll get around to it at some point.