Monday, April 23, 2007

Saemangeum - Lifeless?

From the Hankyoreh:
A year after the completion of a sea wall reclamation project at Kimjae, North Jeolla Province, sea foam devoid of life washes up on the Geojeon tidal flats. A researcher said the levels of life in the surrounding sea dropped suddenly after the reclamation project, signaling an ecosystem that has been thrown out of balance.
I wrote about the completion of the seawall last year. Below is a older satellite photo of the area.

Compare it to the photo below:

The map above suggests where the new farmland will be developed, as well as pointing out out the location of...a new tourist resort!

The sea foam in the tidal flats may be devoid of life, but not to fear - apartment life will soon replace it!

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Anonymous said...

While many countries on the planet are hosting rock concerts to save the earth, it seems that local politicians want to make some kind of concert to popularize the development (destruction?) of Saemangeum.