Friday, June 17, 2011

RASKB's 111th anniversary

Yesterday was the 111th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Asiatic Society's Korea Branch. Among its founders are names which should be familiar to those aware of early 20th century Korean history: Underwood, Appenzeller, Hulbert, Gale, Avison, Allen. The 2010 edition of Transactions has an essay by current RASKB president Brother Anthony about the early years of the RASKB and its relationship with the Japanese which reminds readers that after three years the RASKB ceased to exist, and was only re-founded in 1911, which in some ways makes this year its true 100th anniversary. At any rate, I came across an article from 1975 about its 75th anniversary with an unintentionally amusing title:

I wasn't aware there was ever a Daegu branch. I wonder what happened to it...

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dokebi said...

I read their publication Imjin War. Good stuff.