Friday, May 21, 2010

'The Housemaid' playing with English subtitles

According to the Korea Times,
Seoul City and major theater chain CGV have joined hands to facilitate foreign residents' access to Korean cinema. Im Sang-soo's ``The Housemaid,'' featuring 2007 Cannes best actress winner Jeon Do-yeon, is being screened with subtitles at CGV Gangnam and Myeong-dong.[...]

"Poetry,'' on the other hand, was written and directed by Lee Chang-dong, who directed Jeon's award-winning film "Secret Sunshine.'' Veteran actress Yun Jeong-hie makes a comeback after 15 years as a naive grandmother who discovers the beauty of poetry. But when confronted with a disturbing incident she discovers that life is not all about writing about pretty flowers. English subtitles are available at CGV Yongsan and Guro.
A look at CGV's website gives the times for 'Housemaid' at the following theatres this weekend:

Friday 10:40, 19:20, 26:10
Saturday 11:50, 17:05, 25:20
Sunday 10:40, 19:20, 24:25

Friday 9:30, 16:25, 22:25
Saturday 9:30, 16:25, 22:25
Sunday 10:40, 19:20, 24:25

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
10:25, 15:05, 20:25

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

It seems 'Poetry' is barely playing at any CGV (it came out last week), and I can find no showings with English subtitles. Hopefully the showings of 'Housemaid' with English subs last longer.

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