Thursday, February 26, 2009

See See Tee Vee

The Joongang Ilbo looks at how the use of CCTV and other information gathering systems threaten our privacy (but increase our security). I liked what the manager of Kookmin Bank's Fraud Detection System had to say:
“Kookmin Bank has all the details of its clients dating back to 1984.”
Interesting date.

Korea Beat also translated a Donga Ilbo article looking at the difference in the number of surveillance cameras found in Seoul's richer areas as compared to its poorer areas, with possible implications for the security of the poorer areas.

If you want to get in on the surveillance fun, use Daum's map service, click on 교통정보 (in the top right corner) and then look at the window that pops up; at the bottom of the window you can click on CCTV and choose from several different expressway cameras around the country.

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