Saturday, February 28, 2009

Angry sidewalk

I wasn't expecting to see this on the ground:

It was out in front of a hagwon, but not one that teaches English.


kushibo said...

For some reason I was thinking you were in Canada. Maybe I'm getting your info confused with Sewing's.

Unless this hagwon is in Canada. I saw "In Between Days," which takes place in Toronto I think, and I could swear that some of the scenes looked like they were filmed in Seoul or some Kyŏnggi suburbs, but if you looked more closely, they were outside Korea.

Anyway, the Fu¢k You letter might have an interesting story behind it. If not, we could make our own.

Amethyst said...

It's tired of having cigarettes flung at it and being spat upon.

kushibo said...

Amethyst, that elicited from me a hearty chuckle.

matt said...

I'm in Seoul. Banghwa-dong, to be exact.

I second what Kushibo wrote...