Monday, May 02, 2011

A new cartoon!

Update: Why not put them all together?

No one is safe. No one.

Original post:
Remember the story of the trophy thieves in Itaewon from last December? As it turns out, there was more than one article written about it - I just stumbled onto another published by the Kyunghyang Sinmun at the time, which also includes the cartoon below:

The look in his eyes reminds me of this cartoon, from the Donga Ilbo two years ago:

Mind you, it's not the first time such a cartoon has appeared in the Kyunghyang Shinmun:

I think the Donga Ilbo cartoon is still the clear winner.

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Anonymous said...

ok, i'm confused. so is the trophy thief supposed to be a gyopo? how do the rules of racial cartoons go in korea again? by clothing, nose length, hair color, or spaced-out eyes?