Monday, February 07, 2011

Canadian Embassy panel discussion on perceptions of foreign English teachers

On Sunday, February 20, the Canadian Embassy will host an event for foreign English teachers. I'll be speaking at the session dealing with perceptions of foreign English teachers in Korea, and presentations by several speakers whose names should be familiar will precede a discussion. More information follows below. As space is limited, anyone wanting to go should sign up soon, and keep in mind also that the conference is open to anyone, not just Canadians.

The Embassy of Canada is pleased to host two sessions to which we would like to invite members of the English teaching community in Korea. Please join us for a Sunday afternoon of informative presentations and informed discussion over coffee and sandwiches in our Embassy’s Schofield Hall.

Education in/au Canada
Canadian teachers in Korea are potential sources of information when approached by students seeking to learn more about studying options in Canada.This information session will present the Embassy's education marketing strategy around the Education in/au Canada brand, and how teachers can play a role in its success.

Presenter: Trade Commissioner on education, Embassy of Canada
Time: Doors open at 13:30
Presentation: 14:00 –14:50

English teachers in Korea -Perceptions and Challenges
The Embassy of Canada will host a panel discussion on perceptions of foreign English teachers in Korea. Our invited speakers will address issues such as the portrayal of foreign English teachers in the media, statistics on foreigner criminality, society and stereotypes, in addition to legislation which affects teachers in Korea. With the goal of promoting discussion, the Embassy invites all current and former teachers of English to join us and to actively participate in the discussion.

Time: 15:00-16:30
•Michael Hurt (Member of the Presidential Committee for Nation Branding, author of the blog Scribblings of the Metropolitician)
•Benjamin Wagner (Associate Professor, Kyung-hee University Faculty of Law)
•Matt Van Volkenburg (Author of the blog Gusts of Popular Feeling, English teacher)
•Robert Ouwehand (Former National Communications Director for ATEK, author of the blog Roboseyo)

If you would like to attend this event, please send an email to
Please include the following details:
E-mail Subject: Registration Feb 20 2011
E-mail address:
Current employment (name of institution):
I will attend : Session One / Session Two / or Both
Due to limited space, please be advised that only the first 75 RSVPs for each session will be admitted.
* Please note that there is no public parking space at the Embassy for visitors. There are commercial parking lots near the Embassy, and individuals will need to cover their own parking fee.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I guess nobody is attending? I wonder if Koreans/Anti-English Spectrum is hacking/attacking Canadian IT/websites because the Canadian Embassy is holding this thing for English teachers in S. Korea?

matt said...

I believe the available seating has been filled up, actually. No sign of AES anywhere, and nothing about the event on their site...