Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas caption contest

Hey, your guess is as good as mine. (From here.)
I can't help wonder what he's going to do with that thumb...

This artist has depicted foreign English teachers before; one wonders if he acted out part of the scene below before drawing the cartoon above.


Kamiza said...

What is with that total racist depiction of English teachers as
"코쟁이"???? I am surprised that this crap is allowed. I'd love to see a depiction of a K. student doing tutoring workin Vancouver as a slant-eyed shorty with a bowl of rice in one hand and a short sword or 은장도 style knife in the other pointed at his belly for harakiri.
Come on--Koreans know that a common ethnic slur for Caucasions in "Nose guy" (코쟁이).

Ignorant also in the idea that all Westerners look alike--there couldn't possibly be any physical variation among the thousands of folks from Canada or the UK or the US ... They are all guys with blond hair, blue eyes, and big noses.
(Where is my tanto blade????. . . I feel a severe bout of ritual disembowelment coming on)

seouldout said...

As if smoking the pot was bad enough... he's also a ginger.

F5Waeg said...
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Roboseyo said...

for the first picture:

"To fit in and respect the local culture, foreign teachers have learned the ddongchim... but do it wrong. Not with your thumb, bignose!"

pepper said...

/to Exit86

Many westerners have told me it's almost impossible to tell the differences among ppl from Asia, especially those who came from Korea, Japan and China. BUT I don't think they are 'ignorant'. Having lived more than 15 years in Canada, I stil think, at least to me anyway, all Westerners look alike.

Maybe you have the special ability that others don't have. Other than anything, ppl don't really feel, not to mention of 'think', it's something to be corrected. No big deal, it's just natural.

I understand that you want others to see who you are in 'real' ways but it's not something you can grab easily nor naturally.

Does the nickname '코쟁이' sound as racist depiction to you? When I hear the word, I don't get the innotation you're suggesting here. I would say it rather sound sort of affection if not friendly. When I hear the word 'Yankee', however, I would think it's an attemption to belittle Americans regarding the fact that it implies 'imperialism' in Korean Student Movement for a long time.

I have seen those cartoons about Korean people depicted as a slant-eyed shortly with a bowl of rice in one hand and something else(not 은장도, I'm surprised to see that somehow you think 은장도 represents Korean cultrue. It's a simple insult to Korean feminism.)

Harakiri is very Japanese thing. If you ever see some pics like you descrived you can surely tell the artist is really ignorant.

Koreans are racists by all means. I mean, they do have all those ridiculous prides based on nothing toward other Asians. They treat coloured ppl with this foul attitude sewn with arrogance and rudness as if they are Westerners. It's really pathetic to see how they learned it so full heartedly from the good old Western culture.

pepper said...
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pepper said...

/to souldout

Koreans are very very narrow minded when it comes to drugs. I don't think the pot is drug enough but the military dictators who had ruled the country for a heck of long long time were so afraid ppl getting the idea of freedom of mind to go liberal and see how depressing and oppressed the Korean society really was(AND IS) and the idea got stuck to the nation forever. Koreans drink every single night to have developed this very odd idea that it's understandable if one makes mistakes under influence of alcohol. To me, alcohol is much worse than pot. The alchol binge drinking culture in Korea itself can be a crime. They need something to depend on, you would think, regarding the fact that it's not easy to be sane with all the craziness going on in the society. I bet if they ever decriminalize smoking pot, everyone will smoke that thing.

This drugphobia in Korean society has nothing to do with racism though. It's just not something Koreans are familiar with and brainwashed by the power in a screwed way. They treat other Koreans who are into any drug as serious criminals, not even bothering to think why. You'd have seen many celebs like popstars and actors ending their careers with a single pot smoking.

They learn that drugs are everywhere in Western countries from the media and Hollywood movies. They preject the 'learned' drugphobia when they see one who's been smoking the pot not even thinking what's so terrible about it. They don't even bother to see if it's true the media says about foreign teachers. It's like knee-jerk refelction.

I would happy to see foreign teachers help Koreans to realize how ridiculous they have been but, well, I guess, it would take a terribly long time if ever happened.

pepper said...

/ to Matt

I know you expect and know others to guess and it's as good as yours.. but what do you see from the first pic?

To me, it dosen't show any sign of denouncing foreign teachers to be skeptical.

Is it about the big nose and the thumb?

I read the article following the link and didn't find something above nor underneath to say the pic describes foreign teachers badly. If there's something in that pic about foreign teachers, it's stereotyped into a single character that only includes while male Americans.

If my guess is not too far from yours, I do agree that it shows how Koreans disregard all the variable nationalities and appearances of foreign teachers. Many couloured people are teaching in Korea as native speakers and it's not right to think only white male Americans are 'real' English teachers. They always want their English teachers to be white. They even believe that a second or third generaton Korean-American can't be good enough as other fellow Americans. Forget about where you're born and grown up, you just have to be white to be qualified as a native English teacher in Korea. They have no shame to tell into your dark face that their students and the parents PREFER white-skinned English teachers. I'd say Koreans have no self respect when it comes to the race issue. Again, pathetic.

Kamiza said...

Umm "Pepper":

코쟁이 is a very rude term guy.
It has been a derogatory term even way back when Hamel and his crew crashed into this country.
What the f-- are you talking about with "it rather sound [sic] sort of affection [sic] if not friendly"????

15 years and you still think Westerners look the same??? Are you blind or mentally retarded?
Yes, red hair, blond hair, brown hair and bright green hair are all stikingly similar.

The 은장도 quip was an allusion to SKorea's very high suicide rate (men or women)--
always in the top three or four with Japan. I am also very aware that seppuku is a product of the wonderful Japanese culture friend.

So Westerners are to be held responsible for Korean racism????
Hmmmm . . . Shall we also claim that the US taught SK people how to murder and steal and lie?

Please refrain from bonging out or dropping acid prior to posting