Thursday, March 01, 2007

Colonial Era photos of Korean Cities

In the comments to a post at the Marmot's a reference was made to the links to colonial era photos of Korea that commenter Mika posted here; unfortunately the links are now dead, so I put the photos in a zip file, and they can be downloaded here (The download 'button' is at bottom left, you have to wait 12 seconds).

There are photos of colonial Seoul (Keijo), Incheon (Jinsen), Busan (Fuzan), Gunsan (Gunzan), Daegu (Taikyu), Daejeon (Taiden), Pyongyang (Heijo), Sinuiju (Singisyu), Cheongjin (Seisin), Wonsan (Genzan), Hamheung (Kanko), and Nanan (Ranan). In all, there are about 330 photos in an 80mb zip file. Enjoy!

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Jooyoung said...

Hello, i tried many time to download pics of colonial Era photos of Korean cites from 20-30' but the link seems dead now. is there any way i can download them now? its part of our research for the project: Yi Sanghouse project if you could help me on that would be really Great. here is our email
many hanks in advance.