Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Couples gather by night to take in 'frothy spouts'

The Banpo Bridge fountains by night, from here.

I briefly mentioned the plan to turn the Banpo Bridge into the longest fountain in the world (or some such thing) in this post about the Han River Renaissance plan. The fountains were turned on yesterday for the first time (though according to this article, they're about two years late). There's video of the ceremony here (though I'm mystified as to why the microphones in front of mayor Oh Se-hoon didn't start shooting jets of water at him, like the game/variety shows you see on TV).

As the Joongang Ilbo's caption for the photo above, titled "Frothy spout," reads,
A water fountain spurting from both sides of the Banpo Bridge is unveiled to the public yesterday on the Han River, Seoul. The cascade’s 380 nozzles are programmed to keep time with music.
I don't know about the choice of a couple of the words above... though it might explain why there are already couples going down there.

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kushibo said...

Frothy spouts...

I'm tempted to guess that a native English-speaking proofreader nudged the copy toward that phrasing. Just part of the pornification of society.