Monday, March 09, 2009

In flames again.

Little did I know when I was writing about the destruction by fire of this food stall (and mentioning the destruction caused by an LPG explosion in nearby Bangsin Market three years ago) that six stores in that same market were destroyed by fire around 5 am that very morning (Saturday).

According to YTN (and as you can clearly see in the video) the fire burned electrical lines, cutting off power in the area. It burned over 100 square meters, causing 19 million won in damages. The cause of the fire is still being investigated. There were no injuries, luckily.


kushibo said...

I smell something fishy. In the US I would suspect an insurance scam, but in Korea, it sounds like it could possibly be part of efforts to force out some shopkeepers, maybe to make way for some development.

matt said...

I might wonder too, but it's not really near anything, and I haven't heard of any planned developments in the area (nor of any plans to raze the market, which would be an incredibly unpopular move).