Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Digging up the past

Literally; some neat centuries-old foundations on the grounds of Gyeongbok Palace have turned up as they restore Gwanghwamun.

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The Joongang Ilbo has an article about master carpenter (and Intangible Cultural Property No. 74) Shin Eung-su, the executive director of the Gwanghwamun restoration project, which is slated for completion in 2010. Last year ruins were found as they excavated near the walls of the palace, and now, as they dig behind Gwanghwamun gate, more foundations have been found.

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Mr. Shin is also overseeing the restoration of Namdaemun, which is to be rebuilt by 2013. As this lengthy article reveals, he took part in the restoration of Namdaemun in 1962-3 as a 20 year-old apprentice. The restoration there has also turned up foundations, in this case of a Joseon-era road and the base of a house.

This shouldn't be too surprising, considering how the area near the gate was laid out 100 years ago...

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