Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jaeil Jutaek redevelopment completed

The structure of the Seungyun 노블리안 ('Noblian,' meaning 'rich') apartment near my house, built over the last few months, was finished at Halloween. Here are the most recent photos of its rise (with some cribbing from a previous post). A more complete set can be found here, while all of the shots I've taken of this redevelopment, including those of the area before it was demolished, can be found here.

Aug. 15

Aug. 31

Sept. 9

Sept. 22

Oct. 6

Oct. 12

Oct. 23

Nov. 8

Here's a shot of the neighbourhood in May, 2005:

Below are more recent photos. Among the changes since then is the large building at bottom right which has been dismembered; above that, shrouded by trees, are row houses which have been demolished (and are currently being rebuilt as Dongbu Centreville apartments); the green-coloured apartments at top right which have been repainted and rebranded (from Shin-donga Apateu to Shin-donga Pamilie); across the fields at top left the massive Balsan development has been built (and is visible in the photos below); and of course, the Jaeil Jutaek redevelopment seen above - below you can see it's growth in the context of its surroundings.

Aug. 17

Sept. 17

Oct. 23

Nov. 8

It's not supposed to be finished until August of next year - I guess the interior work will take as long as building the external structure did.

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