Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Photo source

In response to this post, Benjamin Wagner wrote:
Surely a company this intent on preventing "a serious crime being committed" by someone who had no qualifications or connection to teaching but just "looked the part" wouldn't try to pull the same con by surfing the web for racial traits they thought symbolized linguistic competence for their gullible customers.

1: A, B.
2: A, B.
3: A, B, C.
These were found, he told me, by using TinEye, which also turned up many uses of the photo of what I assumed was an orientation, including this one (with a nice caption).

The company might consider using this or this on their site instead.

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K said...

I like the second girl's Sublime t-shirt. Did they hire her because if it weren't for date rape, they would never get laid?