Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another ad using the spectre of 'illegal foreign teachers' to drum up business

Bizplace has another article similar to last week's about the difficulties in finding reputable native speaking teachers, and again it shows a picture of a (different) white woman next to the Naver search result (but not in the article itself):

Titled 'Native speaking instructor should be hired through a government approved company [to be] "safe,"' the middle two paragraphs are similar to the last article's, so only the first and last paragraphs are shown below:
The importance of English conversation is increasing these days, but there are many cases where illegal native speaking instructors have been hired, and the hiring of a reputable native speaking instructor is becoming an increasingly difficult problem. […]

Han Chang-gyun, spokesperson for the native speaking instructor recruiting company Job and Consulting (www.jobnco.com), advised that if you go through an government approved agency which complies with legal E-2 issuing procedures when it comes time to hire an native speaking instructor, you can be safe from harm [caused by] illegal native speaking instructors.
The same recruiting company appears again in this article, so it seems to basically be an advertisement for them. Nice.

Oh well, here are some photos of native speaking teachers playing samulnori in Busan. One hopes a proper recruiter was used so that the Koreans around them will be safe from harm.


Darth Babaganoosh said...

They keep writing about this "illegal NEST" problem as if it's the native speaker's fault. Isn't it the school's fault? They CHOOSE to hire a teacher legally or they CHOOSE to hire a teacher illegally.

Recruiter or not, going through Immigration for an E2 guarantees the teacher meets all legal requirements. Schools hiring illegally do it because it's less of a hassle.

"there are many cases where illegal native speaking instructors have been hired"

Yes, there are, but what is the government doing to punish schools that do this? Punishing the teachers won't solve the problem... deport one and another two come in. For the school, it's business as usual.

And one last question: since when are recruiters "government-approved" companies?

ZenKimchi said...

You have to be licensed to recruit for public schools.

And I'll repeat, there's not an illegal immigrant problem. There's an illegal employer problem.