Monday, October 11, 2010

Seoul-inspired Simpsons opening?

I caught the latest Simpsons episode, and it has a rather interesting opening, which was created by street artist Banksy (also here):

I love the final image - the producers having creative control must annoy the hell out 20th Century Fox sometimes. I couldn't help but remember the last time the Simpsons referred to Asian sweatshops (an obvious reference to the show being animated in Korea), but figured the panda seen in this opening pointed to China. According to this article, however, China may not have been the inspiration:
Banksy is said to have been inspired by reports that Simpsons characters are animated in Seoul, South Korea.
Despite the presence of Gangnam, Seoul isn't that bad - perhaps he read one of these textbooks (or one like this).


Justin said...

Banksy seems like the kind of idiot to mix up Asian cultures (note the severed dolphin head) and/or to have completely retrograde ideas about Asia.

n8shac said...
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n8shac said...

n8shac said...
This seems a bit off, to me, but what do I know? I'm a teacher, I see and hear none about this stuff.




Celebith said...

My sister-in-law runs an animation company that does "in-between" animation for The Simpsons, Spongebob and some other shows. She wants to get LASIK, but can't take enough time off for the recovery. They really do work a lot of hours.

n8shac said...

I'll give you that Koreans work a lot of hours. Despite what my friends tell me, Koreans are in the top 5 for average weekly hours in the world... usually at the top position.

What I take issue is the general depiction of the overall quality of life depicted. Working hard is one thing, dirt and filth are quite another.

Celebith said...

I wouldn't say her offices are dirty or filthy, but they generally work until they are too tired to continue, then sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor, wake up and keep going. There is a lot of general clutter and food garbage piled up. No worse than some marathon programming sessions I've seen, but she was happy to move up to her own company. Now she has *some* time off, at least.