Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Hankyoreh has issued a correction and apology for misinterpreting statistics in an earlier article regarding the number of foreign teachers who quit early, stating that the actual figure is less than 5%. They also note that
The report on native English teachers at public schools was confirmed to be an analysis by Grand National Party(GNP) Lawmaker Kim Se-yeon and Park Yeong-a on the basis of central and a number of local education administrations, not a press release of Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST).
It's nice to see the correction (and apology) - I don't actually know if I've ever seen a correction in an English language paper here before. Has anyone else?


Unknown said...

I sent them a letter/email after reading their mistaken article and received a quick response. Shortly after, they posted the correction.

Did anybody else write? It's hard to believe I was the only one, but the Hani English editor said in his email response that he hadn't known and that it was embarrassing that the error was not corrected sooner.

I have found that the Hankyoreh actually gives a shit about this kind of thing and enjoys its English language readers. They always respond to mail.

Roboseyo said...

ATEK was also in communication with them, and the reporter who contacted us was quite concerned to present an accurate story. I think it's great that Hankyoreh is trying to get the story straight, and I hope this is a sign of more to come.

matt said...

I sent an email to the KT but got no response (while this post was a summary of what I sent along to ATEK). It's good to see the Hankyoreh cares and made the change. The English language media are a drop in the media ocean however - I'd rather see Yonhap issue a correction, though perhaps its '종합' articles would be considered as such, as they updated the statistics - but did not acknowledge the changes made.

Hannah said...

When I worked there, JoongAng Daily frequently ran corrections in its print edition.

Anonymous said...

Hannah - any chance Yonhap will make a correction?

I've known them to be cooperative in other instances.

Chris in South Korea said...

No idea about other publications, but Hankoryeh seems to care about its image - and this instance makes me respect them that much more.

Besides, if the other sources start issuing corrections now, can you imagine the BACKLOG of corrections they'd have to make?