Monday, April 26, 2010

One Spring Day

One of these days I'll put up some of the ads I've come across from the 1980s while researching the 1984 French 'Scandal.' The above one seems appropriate for today's post. I went up Gaehwasan the other day and took a few photos.

There was lots of forsythia to be seen.

I'm not sure what the above flowers are, but there were quite a few of them poking out of the leaves covering the forest floor. There were lots of azaleas as well.

This particular bush, overlooking a tomb, had forsythia and azaleas combined together.

Nuts and gum forsythia and cherry blossoms - together at last!

The cherry blossom trees below weren't there a year and a half ago. The other trees that were there were unceremoniously torn out, cut into pieces and trucked away and replaced with the ones below:

They're quite a bit smaller than the trees that were there before, and I imagine the old ones will be missed in the sauna-esque days of summer when much less shade is available. The new trees are pretty, sure, (for two weeks of the year) but are still quite small, and don't really compare to these trees (which are likely 15 years old):

There were lots of birds up on Gaehwasan as well, but without my video camera and its zoom, I wasn't able to take photos of any of them.


Anonymous said...

Ah... another Simpsons reference ("Gum and nuts - together at last!") slips into your writing.

I noticed the word 'embiggen' in another recent post too.

It seems there is still a big part of your brain (as you wrote a while back) dedicated to Simpsons stuff.

matt said...

'Embiggen' just slipped into the post I'm working on as well, but whatever - it's a perfectly cromulent word.