Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Weekly Chosun on English Teachers

Update: The Korean language articles are no longer online; I used the Wayback Machine to update the translation links.

This week's Weekly Chosun (August 24 issue) has several articles about English Teachers (in Korean)

Native English Teachers: "We have complaints too." [In English]
...and of course:

"Bla bla bla." Yup, that sums up my job. If I had one, I mean. Thanks, Weekly Chosun.


kushibo said...

Stupid graphics maker misspelled "ball, ball, ball."


i was more concerned about the guy getting aids injected into his arm

Helen said...

Good to read the links in Korean. it's much easier for me.^^

Oh well,all the problems related to foreign teachers in Korea come from excessive fever of english education and blind adoration of western things.

We shouldn't commit a mistake of generalization when we come in contact with media.
"One rotten apple spoils the barrel."
(in Korean-미꾸라지 한 마리가 온 웅덩이를 흐려놓는다)
I'm just concerned about increasing the numbers of rotten apples all over the world.

The root of all the problems between people is selfishness.
There will be only clash left if there is no respect, no
understanding, no consideration between other racial groups.

jay said...

Funny timing. ATEK files a complaint with the Press Ethics Commission, and the Weekly Chosun gets the urge to see things from another perspective.