Thursday, June 11, 2009

"My, what a big nose you have"

In my last post I did a quick breakdown of the numbers of E-2 visa holders here (from October of last year). The Maeil Shinmun goes a bit further and breaks the numbers down by nationality - but it uses the visa issuance figures that Choi Young-hui used, and not the number of E-2 holders currently living in the country.

I love the graphic. At least it's not as bad as this one:

I wonder if the one below, courtesy the Segye Ilbo, is wearing a flu mask. If so, the artist was really ahead of the curve there!


Of course, for a much longer meditation on the evils of foreign English teachers in comic form, there are always these (NSFW) comics, which I also looked at here.


The Expat said...

Two years ago, my wife and I were shopping in Coex and I was actually asked -and I translate, "Did you get plastic surgery?" the middle-aged shopkeep asked.

"No. Why do you ask?" I responded.

"Oh, it's just that your nose is soo big. I assumed..."

She was so surprised by the size of my nose (which isn't even that impressive) that is was hard for her to imagine it was natural.

holterbarbour said...

I love that the first two caricatures are basically Isaac Durst.

Anonymous said...