Friday, May 08, 2009

This sounds like a pretty good idea, though I imagine at some point the garbage bags might start to pile up in the 'bag cupboard' at home.

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kushibo said...

That is a truly good idea.

I actually remember things before the "authorized" garbage bags and the extensive recycling, and there was a marked decrease in the former and a huge jump in the latter. I'm disappointed that back in Honolulu, Orange County, Las Vegas, Yolo County, the High Desert, and other places I go there just isn't the force of will to do something this extensive.

Anyway, this really does kill two birds with one stone, and I imagine it will put a dent in the number of throwaway bags that people consume.

Here in Hawaii, there is some effort to recycle, but it's all voluntary, not really involving any incentives to reduce as in Korea. The Safeway chain has special places where you can dump your dozens of unused plastic bags for recycling, though it relies on people just feeling like it.