Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lee Myung Bak's new design for Namdaemun

I found this here. Very clever. I also found these photos here:

Lets have the kids throw water balloons at the bulldozer bullrider! I'd love have a conversation with an anthropologist and a psychologist and have them analyze this: "A rite of passage." "The bull represents danger." "Oh, and the man in the suit represents finality and death." "The water balloon represents life." "Thus we see how life is crushed so easily by danger and death." "Yes, this ritual serves to warn the child of the dangers that lie ahead." "That, or kids just like to smash water balloons against anything."

Anyways, I thought I'd add to the fun. Forget 'candlelight girls' - it's time for 'arson girls!'

Coming to a Blue House near you!

Note that this post has a few new photos, and this post has an update.

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