Friday, February 29, 2008

Blog war!

Joe Mondello over at the Joshing Gnome documents the simmering antipathy between English language Korea bloggers and Ajumma bloggers, known as 와이프로거. Woe to anyone who would suggest that this is hilarious piss-take on the sniping seen in the English language blogosphere. This is most certainly a troubling aspect of the complex relationship between English language and Korean language bloggers, and when I get the chance, I'll research it further.

Oh, and I think the best way to commemorate the ascendancy of Lee Myung-bak to the job he's being aiming for since before he became mayor of Seoul would be to look upon this solemn photo.

From here.

We wouldn't want the city hall environs to look like the Gileum new town, one of his pet projects while mayor, now would we?


Brian said...

Easy for you to say. The adjummas like you.

matt said...

Easy solution: cut your prices, at least for a little while. Then raise them gradually, citing the rising cost of ramyeon.