Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another Jaeil Jutaek update

Before getting started, I should mention that Antti's photos of the Nangok hillside neighbourhood in Sillim-dong between 2000-2002 and of the new development in 2006 are well worth looking at.

The apartment near my house keeps sprouting upward at the rate of a floor per week (more photos here).

Aug. 15

Aug. 31

Sept. 9

Sept. 22

Oct. 6

Oct. 12

Oct. 23

Nov. 8

It should be finished in 3-4 weeks. Here's a shot of the neighbourhood in May, 2005:

Below are more recent photos. Among the changes since then is the large building at bottom right which has been dismembered; above that, shrouded by trees, are row houses which have been demolished (and are currently being rebuilt as Dongbu Centreville apartments); the green-coloured apartments at top right which have been repainted and rebranded (from Shin-donga Apateu to Shin-donga Pamilie); across the fields at top left the massive Balsan development has been built (and is visible in the photos below); and of course, the Jaeil Jutaek redevelopment seen above - below you can see it's growth in the context of its surroundings.

Aug. 17

Sept. 17

Oct. 23

Nov. 8

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