Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Preliminary results for the HIV testing survey

Yesterday I posted a link to "HIV Testing and Retesting Survey for English Teachers in Korea" which is posted here. Here are the results so far for the question "Which best describes the frequency that you are tested for HIV in Korea?" (Click to enlarge.)

So what we see above is that out of 100 or so responses so far, 66% are being re-tested at least once a year or more, 29% have been tested once for immigration, and 5% haven't been tested.

Even more interesting is that 27% have indicated that they are re-tested for immigration or hagwons, even though this isn't law or even policy. (It should be pointed out that Education offices asking for HIV tests for public school teachers isn't based on any law, it's just their policy.)

It will be interesting to see if more results alter the pattern seen so far or support it.

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K said...

What a huge insult to each and every person forced into this degrading and counter-productive tests.