Friday, May 31, 2013


(Via Big Hominid.)


There's some debate over what exactly happened in the comments. This capture at the moment of impact shows that there's a second person (you can see three arms, at least) on the scooter - the woman who flies over the car:


Kevin Kim said...

Thanks for the shout-out.

As some folks have noted, there seem to be two different people involved: the front view shows a girl in white shorts; the back view shows a guy(?) in dark clothing—long sleeves, long pants. Both accidents happen as a bus is passing by.

Unknown said...

She was sitting on the back of the scooter, which also explains why she went right over the car, and he didn't.

In any case, let's take this as a lesson that parking in the SECOND LANE from the curb isn't a good idea.

Roboseyo said...

wow. that wouldn't have been NEARLY as funny (yes, I'm a bad person for laughing) if the two clips had been played in the opposite order.

Kevin Kim said...


Can't be the same scooter; it's two scooters with different riders. Note that, in the forward-facing view, the parked cars are on the right and facing away from us ("our" car's on the right side of the street). Note, too, that in the rearward-facing view, the parked cars are again on the right but facing toward us ("our" car's now on the left side of the street). Two different incidents stitched together. The bus passing by in each scene gives the illusion of continuity.

matt said...

Actually, I'd have to agree with Unknown. If you look closely (ie. freeze the frame at the exact moment) you can see that there are two people on the scooter (see here). As well, I'm quite certain the second video is reversed. The fact that you can see traffic cones in both makes me more certain both are taken in the same place, but it's the fact that you can just make out traffic going in the opposite direction in the second video that makes it clear that it's reversed; either that or there's some street in Korea where people drive on the left!*

* En masse, I mean - not like this.

Kevin Kim said...

I think that, if the image were merely reversed, (1) the window would look the same, but in fact one window is a windshield (front) while the other window has heating/defrost elements (rear); and (2) in the rearward-facing view, the numbers on a nearby apartment building (left side of screen, near top) are not flipped. So there are no mirror images.

Note, too, that the woman tumbles over the right side of the car's hood, but the biker in the rearward shot hits the center-left side of the car. From that position, the woman (if she were there) would have to tumble diagonally across our field of view in order to hit the right side of the car's hood. She should have been clearly visible in that rearward shot, dominating the rear window, but she isn't.

As to whether there are two people on the bike... yeah, that may be. But I guarantee that these two shots are not of the same incident. The cars are definitely on opposite sides of the street.

Kevin Kim said...

You know what? Scratch what I said. You may be right. I've watched this video God-knows-how-many times now, and I do see a pale arm in a black, short-sleeve shirt, which matches the girl's clothing from the front-facing camera view. Also, if the rear image is indeed flipped, as you suggest, then the left-side impact is, in fact, a right-side impact, so she wouldn't have to tumble diagonally across our field of view. And the apartment "numbers" look, upon further viewing, more like Chinese characters. It's hard to tell, and because it's hard to tell, they could very well be flipped. So I'll stop my courtroom drama here and concede your point.

monty_internetty said...

This, for me, epitomizes what is wrong with the way people drive in Korea.

1. Car parked where it shouldn't be.
2. Scooter driving at speed weaving in and out of traffic.
3. Neither of the people on the scooter are wearing helmets let alone any other form of protective clothing.