Monday, April 08, 2013

Andrei Lankov lecture for RAS tomorrow night

Tuesday night Andrei Lankov will be giving a lecture titled "The female face of North Korean capitalism: North Korean gender relations in the post-famine era" for the Royal Asiatic Society:
Recently North Korea has undergone a major - if unappreciated - social transformation. While the old facade of Juche socialism is still carefully maintained, the daily economy is now dominated by a multitude of private businesses. These businesses are largely run by women. Paradoxically enough, the old male-centered economic policy in the new situation has led to the marginalization of males. Unlike the case of many post-socialist countries, the arrival of market economy to North Korea has resulted in a significant improvement of females' social standing.
There's more information here. The lecture will be held at 7:30 pm tomorrow night (Tuesday) in the Residents' Lounge on the 2nd floor of the Somerset Palace in Seoul, which is north of Jogyesa Temple, and is 7,000 won for non-members and free for members.

For those wanting to see/read Lankov's take on the latest round of North Korean sabre-rattling, see here. As well, the lecture he gave for the RAS last year, "What does China want with North Korea and what can be done about it?" can be seen here. It's well worth watching, as I'm sure tomorrow's lecture will be.

Speaking of lecture videos, Peter Bartholomew's lecture on the "Catastrophic Losses of Korea’s Architectural Heritage" can be seen here.

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