Friday, July 13, 2012

NoCut News celebrates another victory in battle against foreign instructor

NoCut News's July 2012 war on white men and foreign instructors

Part A: Foreign instructor lives a double life… Caught red-handed with dozens of ‘Hidden Camera Sex’ tapes
Part B: Yongsan police begin investigation of 'Foreign instructor who secretly filmed sex'
Part C: 'Foreign instructor who secretly filmed sex' 'expelled' from his university

"The Reality and Twisted Values of Some White Men" Series:
Part 1: 'Chris who appeared on Superstar K'... inquiring into what happened [Korean]
Part 2: Internet awash with 'ways to seduce Korean women'
Part 3: What is the reason elementary school native speaking instructors get their hands on drugs?
Part 4: 'Korean women are beautiful, have a drink with me" - the night streets of Itaewon (scroll down)
Part 5: 'Unqualified foreign instructors' can't help but abound.
Part 6: "Charged with a crime, but whatever"... If they look white, it's OK?
Part 7: A foreign English instructor: "Secretly recorded sex? That's really disgusting."
Part 8: After the 'hidden camera sex' report... victim hurt again through 'comment terror'
Part 9: The 'Hidden camera sex video' could spread... anxious police, idle university

Part C: 'Foreign instructor who secretly filmed sex' 'expelled' from his university

Yesterday I posted about NoCut News's articles on a foreign instructor working and studying at a well known university in Seoul who was caught by a female acquaintance with hidden camera videos of sex with Korean women. When the police shirked investigating him, she went to NoCut News instead, whose first article prompted police to investigate. Today NoCut News valiantly recorded a new victory in this ongoing battle to avenge the unequal treaties of the 19th century for justice:

'Foreign instructor who secretly filmed sex' 'expelled' from his university
University stops his lectures and assesses the harm done

The foreign instructor working at a well known private university's language hagwon who secretly filmed sex with Korean women has finally been expelled from the classroom.

As the world came to know of the deviance of the university language hagwon instructor through CBS NoCut News's July 11 report, the university removed him from the classroom and assessed the relevant facts.

A university official said, "Once the facts of the sex crime were brought up, the instructor's lectures were stopped." "There is one month left in his contract period, but we can terminate it," he said.

They will also watch the results of the police investigation.

As well, the university will confirm whether the university sex counseling center has received facts of similar victimization.

They said that the instructor is strongly denying the allegations that he secretly took and possesses sex videos.

Meanwhile, the Seoul Yongsan Police, who are investigating the case, are gathering investigatory powers to identify the victimized women.
The photo above has appeared in all three articles on this topic. I'm sure we'd all like to welcome onto the case reporter Park Cho-rong, who appears to have taken over for Jo Tae-im, who must be exhausted from the work done on the first two stories.

In other fun news, the US Embassy recently released a newsletter (pdf) with this warning:
Itaewon and Shinchon are well known entertainment districts in Seoul that are also considered a higher-risk area for crime. Please use caution in all entertainment and nightlife districts throughout Korea. Recently a small number of incidents involving U.S. citizens in these areas have included physical and sexual assaults, theft of purses, wallets, and drugs allegedly slipped into drinks.
ROK Drop posted on a response to this by Korean tourism groups (The embassy "is getting too carried away") which was reported by Stars and Stripes.
Yi Hun-hui, head of the Korea Foreigner Tourist Facility Association, said Americans are more to blame than South Koreans for illicit activities that contribute to the “wild life” in Itaewon and Sinchon.

Yi said Sinchon is becoming more and more popular with soldiers and other Americans — and illicit activities are on the rise — because “South Korean women who are throwing themselves blindly into Americans’ hands … are hanging around on the street. Such a culture is rampant there.”
Mr. Yi, if you ever find yourself out of work, I'm sure MBC is hiring. If we remember, their hit piece on foreign men and the Korean women who date them was intended to portray "Korean women who are out of their sense and get involved in these kinds of affairs."


crossmr said...

In related news MBC has been found guilty of unfairly targeting women and foreigners over their "Shocking truth" video.

- Result -
○ After a thorough investigation and discussion on the content of the program in question, we have concluded:

- The broadcasting company is deemed to have abandoned their public responsibility of promoting equality and diversity by describing the relationship between a Korean female and a foreign male as something inappropriate, denoting problems that arise from any dating relationships as something that would only occur in relationships between local females and foreign counterparts.

- Therefore, pursuant to §100① of the Broadcasting Act , we have dictated an ‘advisory’ opinion.

※Relevant regulations:「Broadcasting Review Regulations」§14 (Objectivity), §30 (Gender Equality) ②, §31 (Respect for Diversity)

○ We kindly seek your continued support and interest in the television broadcasts.

※Office of Primary Responsibility: Terrestrial TV Broadcasting Review Division(02-3219-5252)

matt said...

Who said this?