Thursday, December 15, 2011

AREX Gongdeok Station open

I was heading home from downtown Tuesday night and decided to go down to Seoul Station and take the airport express home, even though the transfer from line 1 to AREX takes more than five minutes and probably takes just as much time to get home (though you're more likely to get a seat). I'm glad I did, because I was surprised when the train stopped at Gongdeok Station; the station - with its transfer to lines 5 and 6 - wasn't supposed to open until the end of this year. As it turns out it was opened on November 30th:

(from here)

Judging from Daum's map, compared to the other transfers (at Digital Media City and Hongdae), the transfer looks to be quite a bit shorter.

Always nice to see the city getting easier to navigate. Mind you, not everyone is happy; this article takes the transfer to task for having very poor handicapped access.

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