Friday, August 20, 2010

Kim Wan-sun

Listening to the Shin Jung-hyun box set, I was surprised to find 80s music by him which was more synth-based, and was even more surprised that some of it was quite good. One track that stood out was "리듬속의 그 춤을" by Kim Wan-sun, which made it clear that someone was listening to the likes of New Order. Here's a performance from 1987 I found on youtube (uploaded by orienkorean, of course):

What struck me about that performance were the B-boys. As far as I've read, Koreans picked up B-boying from GIs in places like Itaewon in the late 80s, so I didn't expect to see B-boys on stage with a popular singer in 1987.

(Another song from the same concert is here.)

Nice to see the 88 Gymnasium was the venue - I'm assuming it's the same one on Gonghangno in Gangseo-gu.


Anonymous said...


Just kidding Wan-suni, we'll go with "dynamic!"

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