Monday, September 01, 2008

How Noblian of you

I realized the other day that I'd taken the final photo of this development, seeing as tenants had started moving in to the finished product. I went through and re-did a few of the panoramas, and then realized that they could all stand some tweaking. Perhaps another day. For now, here's the progression from an abandoned neighborhood block in January 2007, to a brand new 12 story apartment building in July 2008.

Jan. 30

Feb. 3

Feb. 15

Feb. 18

April 4

April 21

April 29

May 5

May 10

May 25

June 10

June 30

July 9

July 15

July 21

July 30

Aug. 8

Aug. 15

Aug. 31

Sept. 9

Sept. 22

Oct. 6

Oct. 12

Oct. 23

Nov. 8

April 19

July 18

As you can see in the final shot, the name of the apartment is Seungyun Noblian, hence the (oh so clever) title.


Anonymous said...

Do you know anything about foundations for buildings? How long do they need to sit before you can build on them?

Marcus Peddle said...

An interesting series of photographs. Thanks for sharing. In the centre of the building, where the two sections meet, the apartment windows seem to be almost facing each other. If they are different apartments then there are going to be some privacy issues.

hardyandtiny said...


hardyandtiny said...

or awesome