Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back home again

I spent two weeks at home in Ontario and I have to say I miss landscapes like these sitting outside the front window.

Who needs a tv when you can watch animals from the comfort of your living room all day?

Of course, my parents' bird feeder also gets visitors other than the chickadees and nuthatches seen above - it also draws lots of black squirrels:

The pie plates and plastic enclosures are designed to keep them out, but the squirrels tend to learn quickly and circumvent any obstacles in their paths.

At my grandparents' house they get other visitors as well:

There were in fact three deer there at that moment, but only one was in the open. I headed to southwestern Ontario to visit other friends and spent new years day around a fire in a nearby valley (odd for that landscape as it's so flat there).

The photos (panoramas) above were taken on my video camera, which normally takes video quality photos which don't look great at all, but when the landscape is nothing but black and white, it turned out quite well, I thought. The photo below looks a bit different, taken on my digital camera as it was.

It's been busy since I returned to Korea, but hopefully I'll get back to my typically sporadic posting from now on.

And as for whether the title of this post refers to my trip to Canada or my return to Korea, I haven't quite worked that out yet.

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