Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gimme a break

This photo (from here, via Korea Beat) shows some foreigners taking part in a "Winter Sea Penguin Swim" on Jeju-do. Interestingly enough, Lost on Jeju tells us that local English teachers working under the EPIK program were convinced to take part due to the offer of an extra vacation day for doing so. I have no idea if the people in the photo above are related to that or not, but I can't help but see such photos and think of this painting from the 1984 book "The People's Great Leader" (from here) titled "All the peoples of the world praising Kim Il Sung."

Did this artist in North Korea realize that this painting was for domestic consumption only? Do the photographers and editors who published the photos taken on Jeju-do realize that such photos serve the exact same purpose here in Nam Choson?

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ZenKimchi said...

Nonetheless, looking at the top photo... I likes pink.