Friday, December 21, 2007

"you’re going to need a neckbrace"

Gord Sellar looks at (among other things) the "peripheral mindset" of Canada and Korea. As a Canadian, I appreciated the comparison. Though, as Gord says, his blog isn't really about Korea (or more, it's not his main focus), when he chooses to write about Korea, I do think it's some of the best writing on the subject to be found... anywhere. Gord also relates an incident with a drunken psychotic moron bastard today that's well worth the read, and which also presents the reader with this gem:
Your society is changing so fast you’re going to need a neckbrace just to watch it go.
Talk about summing it up perfectly.

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gordsellar said...

Hey! For some reason I didn't hget a trackback for this post, but I caught it on your feed. All I can say is that I am flatter by such kind words from a writer I respect as much as I do you.