Tuesday, December 18, 2007

500,000 Wonder Girls fans can't be wrong

Popseoul reported a week ago that a new trailer from the film 'Hellcats' (or 'I like it hot') showed Wonder Girl member An So-hee and co-star Kim Bum kissing (as well as the other characters in bed with their respective lovers).

I do find it amusing that they covered up the kiss with a heart. We mustn't let anyone get the wrong idea about So-hee, right?

It seems like a rather confused advertising campaign. Perhaps the appeal of the latter photo is that the male viewer is left to think, "Hey, that could be me being held by a 15 year-old." Unfortunately, that fantasy was ripped to shreds the moment the aforementioned male viewer saw the new trailer - "Hey! That's not me!" Wonder Girls fans responded to the image of So-hee kissing a male other than themselves with rage and their comments on Kim Bum's Cyworld page forced him to close it down. Fans left comments on the film's homepage as well. The victim's comment made it seem as if he wasn't too preturbed: "So-hee's fans are really scary…kekeke. I’m definitely going to get shot by a runaway soldier."

The question remains - were these teenaged boys who undertook this form of 'cyber terror', or were they guys in their 20s... or 30s?

The victim seemed to be taking it all in stride, suggesting that perhaps it isn't just nasty comments left on a person's homepage that lead to suicide.

At any rate, the Wonder Girls virus continues to spread (and a test to check for the virus may be necessary for Korean students wishing to study in the US), as the Donga-Ilbo has taken to calling Kim Yu-na a “Wonder Girl” after her second victory at the Grand Prix finals, which has got to make her feel that all those years of training were worth it. Perhaps it's better than "Figure Pixie (or 'elf') ", the media's old name for her, though she seems to have graduated to "Figure Queen" these days, as she's called in a photo caption here (if you look at the comparison chart near the bottom, tell me, could they choose a worse looking photo of Mao Asada?).


Anonymous said...

I read this at popseoul last week too.
Kinda disappointed since I'm a Wonder Girl fan as well. I KNOW the majority of the Wonderfuls are male but they didn't have to bash Kimbum. It wasn't his fault. It's his job, ya know?

I personally think it's the young fans that are being irrational at this kissing scenes.

Stop assuming that it's the ahjussi.
BTW, I saw a clip of the auction dinner date and the winners seem really young.

matt said...

I don't really think that it would be middle-aged men swarming Kim's cyworld hompage but I do think it possible that there might be some (single?) guys in their 30s taking part. On the other hand, the Chosun Ilbo tells us this:

"Other experts say Wonder Girls and Girl Generation have brought middle-aged men to TV and the Internet."

Of course (in its English edition) it doesn't bother to try to explain why this might be...

By the way, was the auction dinner date clip this one?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

good point, but she's a lesbian in the actual movie.