Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Reports on the staged video

The 2013 'Facebook video'

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Part 7: Reports on the staged video

After the Washington Post posted that the video "appears to have been staged," the Korean media has picked up on this - barely - with a story by Newsis being reprinted by the Hankyoreh, and Nate. Some of the comments by netizens at Nate have been translated here. The Newsis piece has an unintentionally amusing ending, however:
However, outside of their insistence [that it was staged] and two different versions [of the video] there is no objective evidence proving this video was directed. Nothing like a receipt or contract showing that the western men actually received money has been found.
 Forget the impossible to fake alternate versions! I want an easily faked receipt or contract!

A couple days after the WaPo post went up some guy posted his commentary on the video (as if it was real) on Youtube, and it currently is headed towards 4 million views (with a million in the last day since he posted an update saying it appears to have been staged). One wonders what number of viewers the director was hoping for when he first posted the video online...

(Hat tip to Scott Burgeson)


King Baeksu said...

What's up with the disabled comments on that Youtube video? How are people supposed to inform other viewers that just about everything he says in his video is wrong?

Oh, that's right. Then people would stop watching, and everyone would know what a clueless gibroni he is.

Silly me.

Ben said...

I think it might be possible for LKS to have the youtube vids taken down if he made a copyright claim on them. As the article in the post makes clear there didn't seem to be any contracts where he gave up his rights to his performance.

Anonymous said...

So it's basically FOX News style journalism.

Fling as much poop at the wall as you can re: foreigners being predators. Doesn't matter if it's actually true or not, as long as it fits the guiding narrative.


Anonymous said...

I think what newsis is saying is that there is no objective evidence to suggest this was a legitimate film project and not just something done for a laugh, etc.

Which could probably finally be put to bed if the "director" would grow a pair and publicly come forward

Subber in Seoul said...

FYI, Daily Mail updated too, but said evidence it was staged was "shaky" and then said there was none besides the men's claims. Couldn't make it up.

Anonymous said...

sounds more like you guys want it to be or hope it is staged.