Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Imjin River hockey game recreation

[Update: The Joongang Daily also has a report on the game.]

As I mentioned the other day, today the Imjin River hockey games involving Canadian troops during the Korean War were recreated at City Hall. MBC did a report which has video footage of the game which I'd never seen before. Yonhap took some photos, including a few which compared today's scenes to those of the past:

(From here.)

 (From here.) 

(From here.)

I had a chance to see the photo exhibition at the Canadian Embassy the other day and was able to read the captions for the photos, which revealed something amusing about the one below. The soldiers in it are actually crawling onto the ice, because it's a game between Australian and New Zealand soldiers - who don't know how to skate:

Meanwhile, in Gangneung today, there was a demonstration of floor hockey ringette in connection with the Special Olympics (with the Yonhap article titled "Floor Hockey is Fun").


K said...

The last photo is ringette, not hockey. Thanks for the photos.

matt said...

Right - I knew it wasn't floor hockey, but couldn't think of the name for ringette (having never played it). Correction made (though Yonhap has 20+ articles to fix...).