Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Nigerian refugee applicant arrested for sexual assault of foreign English teacher

About an hour ago, Newsis published the following article:
Dongducheon Police arrest 30 year old for foreign English instructor sexual assault

Dongducheon police on the 6th arrested A (30), a Nigerian who sexually assaulted a woman he met in a club for violating the Act on Special Cases concerning the Punishment of Violent Sex Crimes.

A is charged with sexually assaulting B (23, British female) on December 29 last year.after giving her a ride to her friend's house in Dongducheon in his car and taking her to his house in Dongducheon after she fell asleep.

B, a foreigner who works as a native speaking English instructor in an elementary school, said that she met A in a club she went to that night.

As A fled his house after committing the crime, he dropped in and a month after committing the crime he was caught by police on February 3.
NoCut News also just posted an article about this, and makes it much clearer that he was arrested on the 3rd when he returned to his house for a moment. It also says that "in October 2011, A, fearing persecution in his home country because he converted to Christianity from Islam, came to Korea and submitted a refugee application."

I should point out that when I skimmed Newsis's title, "동두천경찰, 외국인 영어강사 성폭행 30대 구속," I assumed a foreign teacher had been arrested for rape. Somehow I imagine that's what Newsis intended.

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