Friday, November 30, 2012

Screening of 'Red Maria'

I've been asked to let readers know that on Saturday, December 8 the Women's Global Solidarity Action Network is screening the film Red Maria, to be followed by a Q and A with Director Kyung Soon. The Facebook Event is here.

In Korea, Japan and The Philippines, there are many women with diverse jobs and her stories. Among them, this film focuses on women who are called housewives, sex workers, dispatched workers, migrant workers, comfort women, homeless and so on. The camera tracks them as they go about their everyday lives. These women have never met one another, and their lives look quite different from one another. However, their lives are connected across national borders by the one thing they have in common. That's their bodies and labor. How can such different forms of labor be linked to the women's bodies in such a similar way? As we search for answers to this question, we are forced to confront another question: 'the meaning of labor' as an ideology that is reproduced in society.

* Language: Korean, Japanese, Tagalog and English with English subtitles
* Entrance Fee: by donation at the door

★ Due to a limited number of seats, you must RSVP to and you will receive confirmation when your seat has been reserved.

The screening will be held at the Columban Mission Center.
To get to the center (see Naver map):
1) Take line 4 to the Sungshin Women's University Entrance stop.
2) Go out exit 4 and a building with a traditional Korean roof (hanok) will be in front of you.
3) Go into the building and up to the second floor.

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