Thursday, November 01, 2012

A day late, but...

A friend emailed me today telling me to check out; the main page featured the house below with ghosts appearing from time to time. As it turns out, the house is just down the road from him, overlooking Lake Erie. There are quite a few abandoned farm houses like that in his area.

I'd tried making a jack o'lantern from a danhobak a few years ago; its small size presented certain challenges, but it didn't take long to clean out, unlike the one I made from a real pumpkin this year.

I'd kind of forgotten about bobbing for apples until I saw this article about a foreign teacher at a school in Jeju having a Halloween party. Looking at the second photo of the girl with the apple, I could only remember working for a large hagwon a decade ago and having the idea of apple bobbing knocked down by the comment, "Uhhh, do you know how expensive apples are here?"

One video I'd use to illustrate trick or treating is this scene from "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

Kid Koala's take on that scene is rather classic:

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Ben said...

Nice jack-o'lantern!